gs6Happy New Year! It’s 2013 and if you’re like me Thanksgiving and Christmas have taken their toll and you’ve found yourself with a pair of jeans that are fitting a little tighter than they should. A few years back I was browsing and came across her recipe for a green smoothie. I mixed up her smoothie and took it in with me to work. The general response was “what’s that?” mixed with a couple of disgusted faces. I’ve since resolved not to use clear containers to transport my morning mix.  I have continued to make my green power concoction and it keeps me going all day.

My recipes have changed alot over time. Frozen berries, frozen bananas, spinach, kale, greek yogurt, and almond milk have been added at some point or another. I just wanted to share a few of my thoughts about the green smoothie movement…


About fruit, frozen/fresh berries to be specific:

-Depending on the amount of berries you add, your green smoothie will not be green. I’ve been the vicitim of brownish-green smoothies. No bueno.

-Certain fruits just can’t be mixed….melons of any sort are a no go. And frankly pineapples dont taste that great unless fresh.

-There’s nothing wrong with freezing fresh bananas, just remember to peel them first. I tried to peel a frozen banana, it was horrible.

Now on to the greens:

The mainstays are spinach and kale. To me baby spinach and “regular” spinach just taste different. Kale pretty much doesn’t taste like much unless you add a tremendous amount. Some folks add celery and cucumber, I haven’t gotten that adventurous yet.

Everything else:

I haven’t tried adding protein. I’m not against it, it’s just that we have chocolate and vanilla flavored protein in our house. Definitely not mixing that into the smoothie. I used to add almond milk and greek yogurt. The greek yogurt has a great amount of protein that allowed me to starve off my cravings for junk throughout the day. (By the way, FAGE is thee best greek yogurt out, its pricey, I dont care lol!) And I used almond milk because I just wanted to. The almond milk and greek yogurt seemed to increase the fermenting of things, like a weird science experiment.


When I was using almond milk and greek yogurt I made my smoothies fresh daily. I would freeze the fruit into small bags and place them in the freezer and leave the greens in the fridge. Nowadays, I’m busy and no one in my house is interested in hearing the blender go off at 5am.  So I make a batch of this stuff in bulk and use saran wrap plus a lid to keep it fresh. I make enough for 2-3 days and it definitely saves me time in the morning.

So here’s my current recipe and depending on what I find at the grocery store this is destined to change.

1-gala apple (cored, peel if you like)


1/2 c of cold water

1/2 c kale (I really dont measure I just grab a handful)

1/2 c spinach (same measuring procedures as with the kale)

1- banana

1/2 c or more of cocunut water


Add this into your blender and after a few minutes you ‘ll have the drink that’s all the rage. I was in Whole Foods the other day and they wanted $6.50 for one of these. Never!

This is how I store it in the fridge.


A word about Blenders:  The web is buzzing about the new blenders that are out. Blendtec, Vitamix, NutriBullet. These machines are not for the weak and produce a smooth product.  Now my blender is by no means comparable. I have an old school Hamilton Beach thats almost a decade old with a motor thats built tougher than some cars out there. I love this thing, but I cross my fingers every time I use it. It’s destined to go any time. But lets be honest, as much as I think my blender could kick your blenders butt in an ice crushing competition, it struggles to make a smoothie that isn’t free of little bits of kale or spinach. It just doesnt get that smooth. I’m still going to drink it though.


And my final thoughts. As a future nurse I cant help but educate you on one essential thing. No matter what you do, drink water after you have your green smoothie. These are fiber rich and constipation could be a problem for some folks so the more water the better.


Do you Green Smoothie

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Good Eats. That’s what I love. If I could redo my first words they would be “Sugar, Flour, Buttah”…Ha!

Today, I tried a recipe from one of my favorite blogs, Joy of Baking. Have you been to her site… she’s good. Joy please invite me over for breakfast, lunch, dinner lol.

If you do a search for Cinnamon Rolls,  there are a million recipes out there. But they all are basically the same. I chose Joy’s because I had all the ingredients. The rolls were good but not comparable to my beloved Cinnabon’s at the mall.

They’re fluffy and light. I added a little bit of vanilla and butter to the icing.  Here’s the link to the recipe.

Cinnamon rolls are touchy. If not done right they are dry and just un-tasty. They require TLC and patience. I have neither. Well not today.

Im posting this recipe but some how or another I screwed up. Although they were tasty at first. The next day I took them to work and I hated them. I’m strange and we’ve already discussed this lol.

But I have not given up on my quest. This recipe will be revisited once I find the courage. The pictures came out pretty and that’s all that really matters for now.

Cinnamon Rolls….Mmmmm

This is when having twin brothers comes in handy. Boys can be so easy. They will eat whatever you make.

Why? Because their hungry.

They usually don’t talk too much so I wont be overwhelmed with opinions about my baking. And lastly, because if they want to eat again, and you better bet they do, they wont say too many bad things about what I made.

My ego feels good, get you some male taste testers asap.

For the record, the twins are allergic to peanuts and this would be my last blog, cause my life would be over, if my mom found out that I baked with any nuts in the kitchen. So no nuts in these cookies, but I’m sure they would taste delicious.

J. Simon aka Baby B,  as he was known on the ultrasound, said that the Neiman Marcus cookie was good, he liked the texture and it taste good to him.

J. Henry  aka Baby A, took one bite of the chain letter cookie, smiled and said “Now that’s a good cookie”. He likes the oatmeal and Hershey’s.

Overall the chain letter cookie got great reviews. My work peeps loved them and they disappeared faster than the others. I liked the espresso in the Neiman Marcus Cookie.  I think next time I’ll make a hybrid of them both ground oatmeal, espresso, hersheys and chocolate chips….(insert drool).

The Official Taste Test