Nothing Screams Christmas like a Gingerbread Nativity Scene

That’s right folks, at my house this year there will be a gingerbread baby Jesus and we are little excited about it. I came across this set last year after Christmas and I’ve been waiting all year to give this a try.


This is the creation of the folks over at Brikmann. They’re a company based out of Denmark that specializes in all things related to baking. They have some amazing cookie cutters and baking molds. I stumbled across this set at my local Marshall’s and was instantly propelled to purchase. It was a memorable shopping moment.

cuttersintinSo after falling in love with the beautiful tin cover, I was equally delighted to find the cookie cutters along with a booklet with a gingerbread recipe and assembly instructions. Although the recipe was in english, I opted to use King Arthur’s Gingerbread recipe just because I didnt have a measuring scale for grams in the kitchen.


Here are a few picks of the whole thing coming together.

I just love these cookies. I made them 1/4 in. thick


Decorating these took some major work and I definitely need more practice but I’m pleased with the results. I fixed all the cookie pieces to a long slab of gingerbread  using royal icing. To make sand I used crushed graham crackers. I really love this and I plan on making it again next year.

nativityscene navityscene2

And here’s a close up of Mary, Joseph and Gingerbread Baby Jesus.


Merry Christmas Folks!


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