Where Have I Been?

Seriously where have I been? Nursing school took over and I haven’t been anywhere near this blog but my food conquest have continued. Exploring Philadelphia has been my latest adventure and I wanted share with you guys some of my favorite spots for quick eats when I’m on the go.

1. Federal Donuts When’s the last time you had a hot fresh donut prepared in front of you with good coffee to match. That’s what you can find at this local eatery in Center City. Starting at 7 am the folks over at Federal Donuts are serving up flavors like Vanilla Spice, Turkish Mocha and Maple Bacon just a name to few. They feature a cozy atmosphere and mouth-watering menu. They also serve fried chicken!

2. ShakeShack-  What do you get when you mix concrete ice cream with Philly favorites such as soft pretzels and Termini Bros. Cannolli Shells?….you get the Shack Shake. This place is infamous in NYC and now Philly has its own. I fell in love with a blueberry pie concrete blend that rocked my world. They also serve up burgers and fries. This place comes highly suggested and the warm atmosphere makes it a favorite of mine.

3. Cafe Lift- After a long week of exams, I found myself here with a few of my classmates. The portions are huge and the price is even better. Cafe Lift is a great brunch spot or even better for lunch. I tried their chicken tacos and they were delish! There isn’t a lot of seating so get there early if you’re interested in trying their peanut butter pancakes.

4. Reading Terminal Market- I don’t know a food blog around that doesn’t mention this Philadelphia eatery and so will I. This place is home to some of the city’s best food vendors and specialty shops. The Amish Bakery will make you drool. Come with an empty stomach. Some of my favorites include the caramel kettle popcorn from the Amish Bakery and Bassets Ice Cream.

5. Varga Bar- Late nights in Philadelphia aren’t complete without stopping by this corner bar to taste their crab fries. Definitely a meal to be shared. If you enjoy seafood and fries, you will definitely enjoy Varga. And if you are a beer lover make sure try out some of their unique ales such as Lost Abbey 10 Commandments and Victory Golden Monkey.

So that’s where I’ve been. A few great meals and lots of homework.

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