This is when having twin brothers comes in handy. Boys can be so easy. They will eat whatever you make.

Why? Because their hungry.

They usually don’t talk too much so I wont be overwhelmed with opinions about my baking. And lastly, because if they want to eat again, and you better bet they do, they wont say too many bad things about what I made.

My ego feels good, get you some male taste testers asap.

For the record, the twins are allergic to peanuts and this would be my last blog, cause my life would be over, if my mom found out that I baked with any nuts in the kitchen. So no nuts in these cookies, but I’m sure they would taste delicious.

J. Simon aka Baby B,  as he was known on the ultrasound, said that the Neiman Marcus cookie was good, he liked the texture and it taste good to him.

J. Henry  aka Baby A, took one bite of the chain letter cookie, smiled and said “Now that’s a good cookie”. He likes the oatmeal and Hershey’s.

Overall the chain letter cookie got great reviews. My work peeps loved them and they disappeared faster than the others. I liked the espresso in the Neiman Marcus Cookie.  I think next time I’ll make a hybrid of them both ground oatmeal, espresso, hersheys and chocolate chips….(insert drool).

The Official Taste Test


One thought on “The Official Taste Test

  1. D. Natania says:

    Hey there E-Marie…I think I might know those taste testers Baby A and Baby B…Congratulation on your first Blog…I know you will do well!!
    -D. Natania

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